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Cutter style tree - (Buster Welch) (Dina Special)
Cutter horn -3 1/2" high with small cap.
Square skirts
Full double "D" ring or dropped flat plate rigging
Chap leather seat with or without padding
3" high cantle with small Cheyenne roll

The difference between cutter and reiner style seats is the amount of shape in the seat. The cutter style requires more room in the seat to allow the rider more room to move.

Show Saddle

SF Bowman or Chuck Shepherd tree
2 1/2" horn with medium cap
Square Skirts - (Full shape)
Flat Plate or "D" Ring Rigging
Padded Seat
3" cantle with medium Cheyenne roll

These are middle of the road specifications. Silver adornment is to the customer specifications and design.

Buckaroo Saddle

Slick fork (58 wade Visalia 3.8)
Wood post horn
Medium round skirts
Dropped flat plate or flat ring rigging in the 7/8 or 3/4 position
Hard or inlaid seat
Cowboy cantle (straight up, no roll or very small Cheyenne roll, 1")

Working Cowboy Saddle

Wider fork, ie modified assoc.
Dally horn
Full round or square skirts
7/8 flat plate rigging
Hard seat (no added leather or pad
3 1/2" - 4" cantle (straight up or small Cheyenne roll.)

Roping Saddle

Medium round fork - (SF Boromber - Chuck Shepherd)
3 1/2" - 4" dally horn
Square skirts
Dropped flat plate - 7/8 position on "D" ring - full double position
Padded seat with or without rubber
Medium Cheyenne roll

Rob Rylee“My life pursuit has given me the chance to work some of the finest ranches and pack outfits in the west. From those experiences, I have gained an appreciation of the unique marriage between art and function as it applies to fine working gear. Along with any discussion surrounding a Bill Black Hackamore, Garcia Bit or Louis Ortega Rein, one would be well advised to take the opportunity to contact this master craftsman in regards to his fine gear. Al Gould is his name. When it comes to tooling, carving and yes, a seat beyond mention, a fit beyond compare, Al makes a saddle that is among the best.”
- Rob Rylee
Ed Campos“Covering leather all day long, whether on a search, packing or gathering, it's real nice to have a great fitting Gould Saddle for me and my horse. It's kind of handsome too!! I should have had one made 20 years ago.”
- Ed Campos, Commander - High Sierra Sheriff Mounted Search and Rescue