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Tree: 58 wide
Horn: wood post with raw hide bound
Cantle: 4 1/2" high with 1 1/2" roll
Seat: hard
Skirts: butterfly round
Rigging: 7/8 flat plate
Fenders/stirrup leather: outside
Finish: twisted with blevens buckle, geometric stamp, feather floral, serpentine border

Cutter Reiner

Horn: Texas dally 3 1/2 horn, rawhide bound
Cantle: 3 1/2" cantle with 1/2" roll
Seat: rough out seat
Skirts: square skirts
Rigging: dropped flat plate
Fenders/stirrup leather: 2 1/2" reinforced stirrup
Finish: full wild rose stamp with serpentine border

Equestrian Pleasure

Horn: Texas dally 3" horn
Cantle: 3" cantle with 2 1/4" roll
Seat: rough out equestrian seat
Skirts: rigging on suede skirts
Fenders/stirrup leather: full cutter fender with stirrup
Finish: silver trim, full cactus flower stamp


Tree: 58 wide
Horn: wood post horn
Cantle: 4" cantle with 1 1/2" rawhide bound roll
Seat: hard seat
Skirts: butterfly round skirts
Rigging: 7/8 ring rigging
Fenders/stirrup leather: full fender 3 full exposed, leathers with twist
Finish: full cactus flower with serpentine border, 8 button string

Cutter Reiner

Horn: cutter horn with rawhide bound
Cantle: 3 1/2" cantle with 2" roll
Seat: smooth chap seat
Skirts: square skirts
Rigging: full double dee ring
Fenders/stirrup leather: cutter fenders, 2 1/2 leathers
Finish: cactus flower with geometric twisted ribbon border


Tree: reiner tree
Horn: cutter horn
Cantle: 3 1/2" cantle with 1 3/4" roll
Seat: smooth sewn leather seat
Skirts: cutter fenders with 21/2" leathers
Rigging: butterfly round skirts
Fenders/stirrup leather:
Finish: Indian art collection


Tree: Olin Young
Horn: 3 1/2" Texas Dally
Cantle: 3 1/2" - 2" Cheyenne Roll
Seat: Sewn Chap Leather - Smooth Side out - No Pad
Rigging: 7/8 Flat Plate
Fenders/stirrup leather: Cutter/Reiner
Finish: Combination Floral Bouquet and Smooth Geometric